Bridal Fashion Group is a sales, marketing, and consulting agency for bridal fashion designers based in the U.S.A. Our team of experts brings 40 years of experience in the bridal industry increasing brand awareness, performance, and sales for our clients.

Bridal Fashion Group offers comprehensive and tailored services to bridal designer brands worldwide, helping brand growth and performance by evaluating, recommending and implementing sales and marketing strategies.

Our mission is to help our clients take their business to the next level by building brand awareness, formulating and implementing sales plans, and providing bridal market trade show assistance - ultimately connecting bridal fashion brands with top bridal boutiques across the USA and Canada. Our established relationships with store owners and press contacts, plus our unparalleled customer service, provide our clients with all the elements for success in the wholesale bridal industry.              





  • Tailored sales strategies 
  • Assist in planning, organizing, and attending trade shows across the USA, including New York and Chicago
  • Organize and attend trunk shows
  • Provide brand training to salon sales staff during trunk shows
  • Develop and distribute sales materials 
  • Manage communications with existing and prospective accounts from the beginning of the sales process to gown delivery and beyond


  • Formulate, direct, and coordinate activities to facilitate a brand's entry to the USA and Canadian markets
  • Short and long time planning, execution, and follow through of marketing strategies 
  • Create promotional messages to increase brand awareness and drive business
  • Coordinate marketing strategies across multiple channels including social platforms and e-mail marketing
  • Conduct market research, analyzing market trends to identify new opportunities for our clients
  • Manage social media accounts 



  • Our team of bridal experts advise bridal fashion brands from the design process of a collection, to setting-up a wholesale strategy
  • Provide tailored advice to international bridal brands entering USA and Canadian markets, offering concrete business practices to implement in order to achieve their goals
  •  Conduct and provide in-depth market research for brands looking to enter the wholesale bridal fashion market