About arlene

Arlene Mittleman, a recognized name in the bridal fashion business, has many years of experience in retail, including owning two of the most successful bridal stores in Los Angeles. Armed with the knowledge of how the bridal retail world worked, Arlene moved to the wholesale side of the business where she could merge her fashion instincts and business acumen together to assist retail stores in carrying innovative and exciting new designers and fashions.

Arlene is an acclaimed fashionista who loves every aspect of the design process and bringing beautiful designs to women all over the world. She continues to develop, analyze and implement sales strategies focused on current fashion trends. With her eye for style and knowledge of how to bring out the best in every bride, she is a master of determining the right look for every body type and personality.

Arlene has created a unique and specialized service that truly supports the designers she represents, and the stores that offer gowns to the bride-to-be. She goes far beyond the typical wholesaler relationship, by offering intuitive and effective strategies that result in huge success for all of her clients. Arlene and her team of experienced managers know how to stay ahead of the curve in what the consumer is seeking and the mix of talented, innovative, premiere collections that Bridal Fashion Group currently represents offers all the elements for success.